9 Things That Should NOT Go in a Dumpster


You’ve got a ton of things you need to get rid of all at once, so you’re renting a dumpster to get it all to go away. But wait a minute – before you drop that in the dumpster, should you put it in there? Here’s Gateway Dumpster’s guide to what you should NOT put in a dumpster, from the common-sense to the really bizarre.

9 Things That Should NOT Go in a Dumpster

  1. Liquids. Many dumpsters are not water-tight, and some chemicals are hazardous. However, you can add cat litter or shredded paper to latex paint to soak up the paint, then dumpster it.
  2. Large batteries. Car, RV, marine, forklift, and similar large batteries have caustic chemicals that can cause burns, and it’s not great for the environment either. Small batteries should be recycled for environmental reasons.
  3. Light bulbs. This especially applies to fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, which can contain mercury, but glass shards from broken bulbs can also be hazardous.
  4. Cooling appliances. Unless you can remove the freon or other cooling gas, these appliances are not dumpster-safe.
  5. Yard waste. Some companies will take this, some won’t, so it will depend on the business, but it’s better to compost yard waste if possible.
  6. Aerosol cans under pressure. To throw away aerosol cans, , hold down the nozzle until they’re empty so that they don’t explode.
  7. Hazardous waste. Construction materials are good to go, unless there’s hazardous waste such as asbestos or lead paint.
  8. Tanks. Large tanks can collect harmful gases as other materials break down around them, causing a potential explosion risk.
  9. Electronics. TVs, printers, CD players, computers and monitors can contain different materials that should be recycled instead of dumped.

This is just a short list of things that should not go in a dumpster rental that Rochester residents should be aware of. , ranging from “not a great idea” to actually prohibited by law. If you’ve got questions about other items you may not be able to put into your dumpster, reach out to Gateway Dumpsters in Rochester. From dumpster rentals to junk removal, we’ll help you get your place cleaned up in no time!

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