Western New York E-Waste Regulations: Disposing of Old Electronics Safely

Western New York E-Waste Regulations: Disposing of Old Electronics Safely

Whether it’s that HUGE old television a family member didn’t want to upgrade or an old computer that’s past it’s prime, disposing of old electronic equipment can be a major hassle. Unable to be disposed of in the trash, there are several options available to help you recycle your electronic waste. Here’s a quick look at some safe electronics disposal tips that Rochester residents should consider.

Western New York E-Waste Regulations: Disposing of Electronics Safely

Let’s start with a list of the electronic equipment covered by the regulations: cathode ray tubes; computers including all-in-ones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, interactive flat-panel displays, smart displays, notebooks, thin clients, VR headsets with processors, and workstations; computer peripherals including 3D printers, scanners, digital picture frames, mouses, external hard drives, fax machines, label printers, monitors, and printers; small electronic equipment such as cable or satellite receivers, digital converter boxes, digital video players and recorders, game consoles, digital music players with memory, projectors with DVD player capability, and VCRs; small-scale servers’ and televisions.

There are two options available for recycling electronic waste:

  1. Manufacturer’s Takeback Programs. These free, convenient programs are shown on a list of electronic equipment manufacturers that have registered in New York. Most of these programs have both phone numbers and websites you can contact to set up recycling of your branded products.
  2. Electronic Waste Collection Sites. These programs are either managed by businesses or by municipal transfer services or stations. You can find the extensive PDF list here, but it includes many electronics and office supply stores that accept e-waste as one part of their services.

By understanding the importance of properly disposing of electronics, and by being aware of local e-waste regulations, Rochester residents can ensure that they remain in compliance with the New York disposal ban for electronic equipment. If you still have questions about whether your equipment can go in the trash or if it needs to be handled by a recycling program, the experienced professionals at Gateway Dumpster are always ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions or to schedule a dumpster rental.

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