When To Use Junk Removal Services Instead of Dumpster Rental

When you’ve got a lot of stuff to get rid of, it can be tempting to get caught in the debate between whether you should rent a dumpster or get a junk removal service. Here’s what residents of Rochester should know about junk removal and dumpster rental services and their differences:

When To Use Junk Removal Services Instead of Dumpster Rental

In many situations, dumpster rentals are used when you have a specific period of time in which you’ll fill the dumpster, after which it’s taken away. Dumpster rental is usually the preferred choice if you have a long time period and a lot of easy-to-handle items that can be moved to the dumpster a bit at a time. Larger items can be difficult to get into a dumpster, and may take more labor than you have available, so shouldn’t necessarily be disposed of in a dumpster rental. Similarly, if you only have a couple of large items or a little extra trash, a junk removal service may be more economical.

By comparison, a junk removal service allows you to quickly have larger items removed from the property you’re cleaning. In this situation, you’ll be charged per cubic yard of volume that you add to the truck. If you’re not sure whether an item will fit in a dumpster or can be moved easily, a junk removal service allows those larger items to be removed without having to worry about filling an entire dumpster to get your money’s worth. You simply call the service and have them pick up the items in question, then pay the bill.

If you’ve only got one or two large items, a junk removal service will be your best bet, while having to move a lot of small trash over a longer period of time calls for a dumpster rental. If you’re on the border and are not quite sure which option to go with, the experienced professionals at Gateway Dumpster can help. P If you have any questions, need more details, or if you want to get an estimate, please contact our Rochester experts about junk removal and dumpster rentals services today!

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