Dumpster Rentals for Event Cleanup: Post-Event Waste Disposal Tips

Dumpster Rentals for Event Cleanup: Post-Event Waste Disposal Tips

You’ve finished up every last detail, gotten through your event successfully, and are at the finish line. That’s the end of it, right? Before you sign off on this year’s event, make sure to handle your post-event waste disposal in a smart way, by starting before your event begins with some smart planning.

Dumpster Rentals for Event Cleanup: Post-Event Waste Disposal Tips

Create a waste management plan

A waste management plan encompasses the entire event, including pre- and post-event waste management. Who will be picking up full bags of trash? Where will it be stored? Do you need it picked up during the event and a fresh dumpster dropped off?

Promote recycling

By providing clearly-labeled recycling bins, including what can be recycled, you can reduce the overall amount of waste that is generated during the event. Consider asking food vendors to use recyclable containers whenever possible in line with the event’s capabilities.

Minimize waste production

Is there going to be a lot of paper documents at the event? Think about using QR codes to online documents to help reduce this paper load, much of which will be disposed of during the event. This allows people to receive the information without the extra waste.

Make it easy to dispose of waste

Place trash cans, dumpsters, and recycling in smart locations throughout your event. Is there an area for food vendors or seating for eating? Specific entrances and exits? Place waste disposal containers at those locations to minimize work after the event.

Arrange waste pickup ahead of time

If you know that your event is going to need three or four or ten rental dumpsters, arrange for the rentals ahead of the event. If you need mid-event pickup, schedule a time when traffic is at its lowest to prevent issues with waste disposal.

When it comes to event cleanup, Rochester residents can save time by thinking about post-event waste disposal prior to the event. This way you can ensure that the entire process will go smoothly, giving you less to worry about after your big event. If you’re planning a big event and need to plan for a dumpster rental for an event cleanup in Rochester, the experienced professionals at Gateway Dumpsters are ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions or to schedule a rental.

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