Estate Settlement: Organizing the Best and Getting Rid of the Rest

Estate Settlement: Organizing the Best and Getting Rid of the Rest

Settling an estate is never a painless process. You’ve got memories tied to many of the objects in the estate, for good or for bad. After specific items that have been designated prior to death to go to particular persons have been sorted, what do you do with the rest of the items in the estate? This guide will help residents of Rochester with the estate settlement process.

Estate Settlement: Organizing the Best and Getting Rid of the Rest

To start, a will, personal notes, or comments by the deceased prior to passing may state that certain items are to go to specific people, such as china to one child, a special necklace to another relative, equipment to a particular organization. If possible, those items should be distributed according to those instructions.

Once that portion of the estate is sorted out, even if it simply needs to be moved to the side to get it out of the way until it’s picked up, it’s time to allow family members and friends to choose other items they may want, if practical. Following this, you’ll want to decide what to do with items that have value but are not important to family or friends. 

If your loved one had a hobby, there may be hobbyist groups in the areas that may be interested in purchasing the items. Similarly, an estate sale or auction can move a lot of these items. However, you still may have a lot of items that are not of interest to people at these sales. In this case, you may choose to donate, or items that are in bad shape can simply be thrown away. 

Perhaps the deceased was a hoarder, and there’s a lot of expired food, old clothing and linens in bad shape, or items that simply need to be thrown away. In these cases, having a dumpster rental can make a substantial difference in how quickly you can finish emptying a home so that it can be cleaned and set up for new owners or for sale. 

Though the process of settling an estate isn’t easy, having the tools you need for the parts that just need to be disposed of makes the process much simpler. If you’re a resident of Rochester that needs dumpster a rental services for an estate settlement, Gateway Dumpsters has 15- and 20-yard dumpsters available for rent to make things go more easily and help you through the process. We offer time periods of 1-7 days to give you the time you need to sort through everything. Contact us today to get started!

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