Get it Organized: Preparing for Your Dumpster Rental

Get it Organized: Preparing for Your Dumpster Rental

Whether it’s a big event, a huge clean-up, or a DIY project that’s going to go a bit beyond your usual trash service, a dumpster rental is a common option for many reasons. However, knowing what to expect can be a different story.  From deciding what you need to sort out, to what needs to go, here’s a quick look at how to prepare for a haul away dumpster rental that Rochester residents should consider

Get it Organized: Preparing for Your Dumpster Rental

To get started, you’ll need to determine what size of dumpster you need and how long of a rental period to get. For smaller projects, a 15-yard dumpster will handle cleaning out a single room, unless it’s particularly packed, while a 20-yard dumpster will handle multiple rooms or a larger project. You can rent for a single day up to a week, depending on your needs.

There are some limitations on what you can throw in a dumpster, with hazardous materials, liquid paints, adhesives, appliances with tanks, electronics, and similar materials being prohibited. Your rental company can help you determine if something can go into the dumpster or not.

You’ll need to determine where to put your dumpster when it’s delivered, which may be limited by homeowners’ associations or local regulations. A permit may also be required, depending on placement. This requires checking with these organizations to determine what you can and cannot do.

With these details in mind, you can now contact dumpster rental companies to get quotes on their services. Make sure that you read the rental agreement, especially for terms about delivery, pickup, items that are prohibited, and liability for damage. Make sure to schedule your rental in advance so that you can get your rental when it’s needed.

Finally, be efficient in how you fill your dumpster. Start by sorting out what you need to throw away, what you need to donate, and what you need to recycle before your dumpster arrives. Have vehicles moved out of the driveway or other obstacles out of the way where your dumpster will go. Place flat items on the bottom of the dumpster to make more efficient use of space, filling in empty spaces as you go.

When you have a solid understanding of how dumpster rentals work, you can prepare for it in an organized fashion, making sure that you’re only getting what you need while ensuring you have enough to handle the project. Ready to get started? The friendly team at Gateway Dumpsters in Rochester provides haul away dumpster rental services and are ready to help. Reach out today with any questions or concerns!


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